Hien KhuuDirector of Development
Hien Khuu brings more than 15 years’ experience in the IT industry, dating back from the ancient art of mainframe programming. After the Y2K saga, he found himself doing various IT jobs from technical support for Palm Pilot, Network Security Support, and Software Development. In the midst of dabbling into different areas of IT, he took on an opportunity to do web/database programming with a marketing agency in Madison, Wisconsin.

The transition between mainframe to web development was quite an experience. It was like literally seeing the light, going from a dark, dull boring green screen to beautiful colors and designs on a web browser. This was where all the wonderful acronyms began: HTML, CSS, PHP 3, MySQL, and MSSQL. He remembers when “Google” first started and was one of the pioneers who jumped on the meta keyword and description band wagon.

At WrightIMC, Hien is responsible for the development area which includes front-end development, back-end development, database architecture, database administration, server setup, and systems integration. His passion is to provide the best, customize technology solution to fit our diverse clients, which is definitely not a one size fits all.

Hien joined WrightIMC in early 2014. Prior to WrightIMC, he worked for another agency in Dallas and led development on interactive solutions for clients such as the following: Shell Global Solutions, Dar Pro Solutions, Cimmaron Oil and Gas, Emerus, Baylor Health Care System, Eagle Hospital Physicians, and MedSynergies.

With his little spare time, Hien loves spending time with his family and enjoying the local restaurants, bars, parks, and entertainment venues.