Clint SpauldingVice President
Clint Spaulding is our resident Technical SEO geek, specializing in large-scale local optimization and enterprise-level website optimization. He can look at a website’s code like a mechanic looks at an engine, identify crossed wires, and pull the most possible horsepower out of it. If you want to move your site, re-brand, restructure, or squeeze the most value from what’s already there, he will make sure it’s done responsibly and effectively – and help mitigate the risks involved.

Clint has taken the lead in some of our largest projects, including: improving aggregate local visibility for multinational restaurant establishments; spending a year on-site consulting with one of the largest travel brands in the industry; and auditing and presenting opportunities to one of the largest brands in automotive batteries. He is also a large part of improving our family-owned, startup, and regional clients.

Internally, Clint leads our resourcing and project management, acting as the traffic controller for client work. He is our internal liaison between our production teams, client service managers, strategists, and accounting. His primary focus is on delivering what has been contracted and what has been requested. We value his ability to put the right personnel in the right positions to deliver results on time and on budget.

Clint is a Texas native who started search optimization as a hobby, earning income through affiliate marketing and building websites for small businesses. He spent his formative years honing his managerial skills while managing a number of successively larger retail chain stores. He joined WrightIMC as an SEO hobbyist-turned-intern in January 2011. His acumen was quickly determined to be exceptional, and he was hired as a full-time employee that spring. Clint has steadily advanced in leadership roles and was promoted to Vice President in fall 2014.

Because more is never enough, he is currently pursuing his degree in Computer Science and Physics.