Why Choose WrightIMC for your Internship?

You’re too young to have your idealism and soul crushed in a larger corporation, and you’re too old and wise to be a fry cook. So, why not get paid to learn skills that can guarantee you earning potential for an entire career? Or, until the Internet dies, at least… Seriously, search engine marketing will grow as long as the Internet grows.

Here’s proof: Every year since WrightIMC was founded, we have doubled in size. And, it is our philosophy to promote from within, which is why most of our fulltime team members were hired originally as paid interns. We train interns (we like to think of them as full-time job candidates) on WrightIMC’s approach to holistic online marketing. As an intern, we expect you to be a part of the team. You won’t be making coffee runs or taking lunch orders. You’ll be given real work with real deadlines.

Because we promote from within when possible, our intern program is designed to better your skills and knowledge of the field. Each intern has the option of getting Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified at the company’s expense – a benefit to you, the company, and the client. We also require each team member (including interns) to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME), which is a team member who wants to have advanced or specialized knowledge in a specialized area of our industry. SMEs are given the opportunity to use company resources to go to conferences and/or purchase any learning material needed to know more about their designated subject matter.

As a team member of WrightIMC, you will have access to local networking events such as DFWSEM and SMCDallas. You will also have access to any special events that WrightIMC covers should you want to volunteer.

So, what are we looking for in an internship candidate?

Our ideal candidate has the following qualifications:

  • A passion and love for the Internet and Internet culture
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A basic knowledge of search engines and ranking factors (Show us in your cover letter.)
  • An ability to generate unique ideas and solutions for common or difficult problems
  • Industry knowledge and resources to keep up-to-date on industry news and developments
  • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Interpersonal communication skills (you need to get along with lots of coworkers)
  • The ability to learn new applications and tools quickly
  • Fluency in English and must be able to write and communicate effectively by email and phone
  • An understanding of online communities and forums, (blogger.com, tumblr.com, etc.)
  • A basic understanding of HTML
  • The ability to sign-up for and create free blogs, forums and/or pages

Extras We Love

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google AdWords Certification
  • Development and design skills (Show us your portfolio.)

We can teach you 60% of what you need to know, but we expect you to spend time researching and learning the remaining 40% of the trade of Internet marketing. This means time researching, practicing and reading during your free time. For the right person that is a pleasure, rather than a chore. If you already have a lot of SEO/SEM experience, you must also have an open mind. We have our own process that may be different than what you learned somewhere else. And, it works well, so we expect our employees to follow it.

This is a paid position and is based in our offices in Plano, Texas. We will not consider candidates who need to work from home or other geographical locations. Click apply now to submit your application. Follow the atmosphere on Twitter at #WrightNow!