WrightIMC’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) online market services improve your website to ensure people searching for your product or service find your content through the various search engines. WrightIMC recommends optimizing your website’s code, content, and connections to ensure this will happen.


We want to ensure that your website’s code follows best practices in SEO and programming. This step ensures that we build a foundation for your SEO campaign and allows us to measure goals and objectives. Also, during this phase, we begin our preliminary keyword research for the content phase of our SEO campaign.


The second part of our process is to ensure that your content is optimized and to create a master set of approved keywords. We will ensure the content reflects our keyword analysis and research. During this phase we will have a set of targeted keywords for which we will attempt to achieve a high search engine ranking within a 3-6 month period, depending on how competitive the market is for those keywords.


The last step in our process is to obtain connections with links and mentions on the web. We will utilize our network and a variety of channels to obtain links, an important criterion for ranking in search engines.

WrightIMC repeats these core processes on a monthly basis to ensure the site is at optimal standards in programming and content, while providing quality links to the site. We will report our efforts, the results, and our on-going recommendations on a monthly basis.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone says they do Search Engine Optimization. And, a lot of people do it well. A little secret – a lot of the people who do it well consult with WrightIMC to do it even better.

We’re proud to be known as the “Search Engine Optimizer’s Search Engine Optimizer.” Say that five times really fast – bet you can’t.

Our SEO process was one of the first ever created. It has been revised numerous times over the years, but the core tenets of the strategy remain.

Search engine technology continuously changes and evolves. WrightIMC digests these changes as they happen, and we adjust our processes accordingly. Our current process is considered by many to be the standard in the SEM industry and is in place at several leading SEO firms. Whether optimizing a single site or 100, this process is the backbone of every SEO program.

Local Search Marketing

Recently the major search engines have started to include “local” listings in the main results seen by users as they query keywords. Sometimes these results include maps, other times the search engine recognizes the IP address of the user and serves up results relevant to the geographic location of the searcher.

Search engines get the data for these listings from a variety of sources, including online yellow pages, source tags called “microformats” placed on sites, links from other sites, and other esoteric sources. These diverse data sources represent a departure from how the search engines gather data for their “traditional” results. Therefore, we have created a separate process for local search engine optimization utilizing the following steps:

  • Research presence and accuracy of listings in all applicable data sources
  • Create “microformats” for each applicable page of the site
  • Monitor local listings from different IP addresses to ensure maximum visibility
  • Optimize “local business listings” in all major search engines
  • Solicit additional positive business reviews in major and vertical search engines

For businesses with strong “brick and mortar” presence, local search marketing is one of the most effective tactics to make the phone ring and get customers in the door.