We’ve found that there are plenty of places that claim to keep you up to date with the world of interactive marketing. There’s a ton of information out there – and not all of it is good. In fact, there’s a virtual plethora of bad information available.

We’ve listed some of our favorite resources on this page, and we’ll update this list as we find more – hopefully. This list is just partial. There are hundreds of great blogs, Twitter lists, Facebook pages and other resources that we don’t have the time or space to list here. So, here are some tips to use when discerning whether the data you are reading is good advice – or should be read for entertainment value only.

  • Anyone who calls themselves a guru is suspect.
  • Run away quickly from any literature that comes with extremely strong selling language trying to convince you that you can make thousands of dollars working from home.
  • The interactive marketing industry is full of pundits. Anyone who is overtly angry or trying to stir up controversy usually plays fast and loose with the facts. Try to avoid getting involved in the frenzy.
  • There is more than one way to do most marketing. Anyone who claims that their way is the only way is wrong.
  • If it seems too good to be true, or you can’t find any examples of how it works in the “wild,” then it probably isn’t true.  We try new tactics all the time, and sometimes they work – but many times they don’t.

Here are our favorite resources:

Webmasterworld – The premier forum on the Web for advice on all things Web design and interactive marketing. Lurk or participate, you are sure to find great advice and helpful people. And their conference, Pubcon – well, you just have to experience it to see what greatness really is.

SEOmoz – This is the best site teaching SEO on the planet in our opinion. SEOmoz provides real world examples of how things work. This site is required reading for all WrightIMC employees.

Seach Engine Land – Want to keep up with what’s going on in the ever-changing world of search engine marketing? Search Engine Land has the best coverage. And their conference, SMX, is great for learning in an upscale setting.

Search Engine Watch – Great opinions and articles on the latest search engine news. Some really good practical advice is found here, as well. A must read for the serious interactive marketer.

Twitter – We get many of our great ideas from following smart people on Twitter. We suggest you do the same.