How We Work

We call our process Strategic Consulting.

We call it that because we had trouble coming up with a descriptive name that encompasses the sheer depth and breadth of services encompassed in this approach. 

If you come to us for SEO, you can still get paid search consulting services. If you want conversion rate optimization and a reputation management issue pops up, we have you covered.

WrightIMC’s Strategic Consulting Agreement allows you to purchase hours of strategic or tactical work at a $200/hour blended rate with a minimum commitment each month. If additional hours are needed, we will team up with you to determine if the hours can be handled within the scope or if they need to be added at an additional cost. If certain hours are not used during the time period, you will still be responsible for paying for those hours.

HOW IT WORKS: Once the contract is signed, WrightIMC will meet with you and the team to set overall goals, create a rough roadmap of the next few months, and a detailed scope of work for the first month. Before the beginning of each subsequent month, WrightIMC will meet with you again to determine the upcoming month’s statement of work. To ensure the hours spent are optimal and productive, we will communicate by phone or email as often as necessary to discuss progress. Around the beginning of each month, WrightIMC will provide a scope of work document detailing the work that will be done in the upcoming month and the estimated hours each task will take. At the end of each month, WrightIMC will also provide a full report documenting progress toward goals, items completed in the previous month, items that will need to be considered for the next month, and an overall analysis of the campaign.

BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC CONSULTING: In traditional agency contracts, a set of deliverables is determined and delivered upon each month. As the program evolves, new deliverables must either be added to the original contract for an additional cost – or other deliverables must be taken out of the contract. This type of contract does not allow for flexibility in planning for either the agency or the client. In a Strategic Consulting arrangement, the deliverables are decided as needed – usually on a monthly basis. In this way, you have the opportunity to better set priorities with their agency without needing to change the scope of the contract each month. The agency is free to suggest the deliverables needed without worrying about over-servicing your business by working on items that are not a high priority but are in the scope of work.

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WrightIMC is qualified as a Google Adwords Certified Company.

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WrightIMC is qualified as a Bing Certified Company

Dallas Business Journal
One of the largest Public Relations Firms in North Texas (View PDF)

Dallas-Ft.Worth Interactive Marketing Association
Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards (DFWIMA)

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