Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the companion to the “natural” search results that search engine marketing brings to your website. PPC puts text advertising for your company on search engines when someone searches for a specified key word or phrase. If a consumer doesn’t see or click through on your web link in the search results, they may do so through your advertised link.

Establishing the right mix of keywords, advertisement positioning, and cost strategy is the foundation of a successful paid or “sponsored” search campaign.

We effectively manage your search presence by finding the listing, creative and return combinations that will produce the greatest return. High volume keywords get the most attention, and it is important that your ads appear with optimal positioning across the major paid search sites. But, it would be a mistake to ignore the peripheral keywords, also called the “long tail” keywords that are more economical and can deliver admirable results.

Our Approach

Test, test, and then re-test. At WrightIMC, we rely on a research-based approach to paid search bid management. This involves continuous testing and adjustment of creative, constant monitoring of results, aggressive manual management of the most successful keywords, and rules-based bid management of peripheral keywords.

Our Process

For all PPC accounts, we start with an observation period of at least two weeks before significant program implementations are initiated. During those two weeks, we evaluate the site traffic and identify potential keywords and bidding strategies. In week three, we initiate the campaign and add, subtract or change keywords. These initial changes are small but are used to test hypotheses created during the observation period. Beginning in week 6, hard-line changes are made to the account, and this is when we see significant improvements. After the main changes are made, we continually monitor and tweak our approach. Perfect optimization of PPC campaign is never fully achieved, but we strive for it anyway.

Constant Monitoring of Results

There are many factors that can change during the course of a campaign. Search providers change distribution partnerships, keyword creative can lose its effectiveness, or a search term can merely lose its popularity. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the results of your initiatives.

By aggressively monitoring the campaign, WrightIMC can effectively manipulate the variables of a campaign to perform optimally under any set of conditions.


It is important that you are kept aware of what is going on in your PPC campaign. We provide monthly reports on the progress of the campaign. More frequent reporting is also available. While we have standard reports, we can customize our reporting to fit your needs. Of course, if major changes happen in the campaign, we will notify you immediately.