Introducing: Our WrightIMC Interns!

As we continue to run through our team roster, today we’re going to introduce you to our interns. Interns are a very important part of our team. After all, somebody needs to make the coffee.

Sarah Hodge

I began working at WrightIMC in April 2011 as a Social Media intern.  I create, tweet, and post Facebook content for WrightIMC clients.  I also research keyword analytics to attract the best search results for our clients.

Although Texas born and bred, I traveled up north to take a dip in the Okie pond.  I am a 2010 graduate of Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) with a B.S. in Marketing.  I was an active participant in the OSU community as a member of many organizations.  I still remain active in my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.

In my spare time I tumble in a popular online acrobatic troop known as Tumblr – in other words, I blog!  I also traverse daily across the world (virtually, anyway) to indulge in various types of music.  When my mind is not in another country, I enjoy art in many forms, including everything from drag shows to anime.  Currently, I’m obsessed with Nutella and am looking for new recipes to incorporate the delicious spread into every meal of the day.

David Semprun

I began my career with WrightIMC in March 2011. I handle the pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for various clients, maximizing conversions while staying within client budgets. I also work on link-building and reputation management projects.

Before working for WrightIMC, I had the opportunity to manage a highly-profitable, nationwide, online marketing campaign for American Lockmith Group. I also managed more than 45 websites for the company, updating content, creating landing pages, and overseeing web analytics data.

I earned my B.S. degree in Psychology from Rafael Urdaneta University in Maracaibo, Venezuela, in 2002. I am a Google AdWords Certified Professional, and I’m continuously developing my internet marketing skills.

I’m married, with a young daughter. I enjoy traveling around the world and learning about different cultures and languages. I’ve received awards and recognition for my poetry writings, which I enjoy doing in my free time. I’m bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.

Luke Phillips

Many wildly successful people have once been interns. I’m still working on the wildly successful part. I joined Wright IMC in January 2011 as a Social Media/SEO intern. This means I do a little bit of everything, and it goes a long way in keeping things fresh every day.

Luke Phillips, wrightimc

I was born and raised in St. Louis, which creates many curious looks from Texans when I wear shorts in 40 degree weather. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising.  I’ve played hockey all my life and still bob for apples in Dallas old-timers leagues waiting to ride my first roller coaster. I’m also the biggest St. Louis Blues fan south, east, west and north of the Mason-Dixon Line and believe that the verb ‘Oshied’ should be in the dictionary.