Introducing: Our Account Executives

We’re quickly coming to the end of team member introductions, today meet our Account Executives. We will have an interactive marketing blog up very shortly, stay tuned!

Jenneva Vargas

I have been with WrightIMC since August 2010 and am an Account Executive with the Search Engine Optimization team.

My day to day consists of link building, reputation management, keyword research, work with Google Analytics, on-page optimization, and a little bit of content writing.

I grew up all over Texas but spent the majority of my time in Laredo and Allen. I graduated from Texas State University and earned a B.A. in Mass Communications-Advertising. I am currently working towards my M.B.A. in Marketing at the University of North Texas.

What I like about working at WrightIMC is that no day is the same as the previous, and I am constantly learning new things about social media and SEO.  I remember asking Shilpa (Nicodemus) in my first few weeks, “So, what is RSS?”  Yeah, I have come pretty far from that day. Outside of work, I like to take photographs (especially work in the darkroom), cook, and occasionally scrapbook.

Clint Spaulding

I started with Wright IMC in January 2011 after speaking with John (Confer) and Minh (Nguyen). My first week as an intern I knew that this company was a little different, and I knew right away this was for me.  These guys are about getting to business and getting things done, with copious amounts of fun in between. After a few short weeks I approached Tony about coming on full time, and we were shaking hands shortly after. I’m now an account executive with the Search Engine Optimization team.

I began developing websites back in the late 90s when the word “googol” just represented the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The Internet was still in its public infancy, and every day brought something new and exciting. Almost 15 years later, every day still brings something different, and I’m still just as passionate about soaking up everything the web has to offer.