It has been cold out there and we’re sure you’re tired of hearing about it and living in it. A lot happened in digital marketing last week while you were hibernating, and you don’t want to be left out in the cold.  We made a list of the top news stories in digital marketing that occurred over the past week to help you thaw out a little bit.
Digital Marketing News Roundup


Google’s Matt Cutts: Link Spamming Google For A Specific Time Period? Then Mass Disavow Those Links. by Barry Schwartz

“Matt said that you should disavow the bad links with a vengeance and disavow all the links that might be paid. Don’t use the disavow tool a single link at a time, instead use the domain level disavow option. Matt said this before, explaining that you should use the disavow tool more like a machete.”

Google Officially Testing Images In Web Search Results Snippets by Barry Schwartz

“Google has confirmed they are running a user interface in the search results to show images within the web search snippets.”

Google Expands In-Depth Articles by Barry Schwartz

“Google added a link under the main block of in-depth articles to “More in-depth articles.” Clicking on that link will show an additional 10 articles. Google also added the ability explore related topics by adding an explore section next to an article, with a new keyword search that would show more in-depth articles on the related topic.”


Google Debuts +Post Ads: Lets Brands Turn Google+ Content Into Ads On GDN by Ginny Marvin

“Google has introduced its first monetization effort for its social networking platform, Google+. Rather than running ads directly within the platform, Google has announced a new ad unit called +Post ads, which allow brands to turn their Google+ content into expandable display ads. Those ads can then run across the Google Display Network.”

Spotify Said to Bring Free Ad-Supported Version to Mobile by AdAge

“Spotify plans to offer a free advertising-supported version of its music service for mobile devices, according to three people with knowledge of the situation.”


Google AdWords Call Extensions: Beware the Data Gaps by John Lee

“Do you have major gaps in call tracking data from Google AdWords Call Extensions? You just might, if you haven’t followed important rules. Thankfully, there are solutions to fill these data gaps.”

Google Adds Ability to Undo Changes in AdWords by Jennifer Slegg

“Google has finally added a long requested feature to Google AdWords in the form of a simple “Undo” button. This essentially provides advertisers with a backup of all the things they are changing within their account. Once the button is clicked, it will revert to the campaign as it was then.”


Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Others Join Forces to Fight NSA Spying by Michael Passingham

“Eight of the world’s largest technology companies have signed a joint letter to the US president and congress, demanding reform on the methods used by government agencies to gather user data.”


Cyber Monday 2013: Largest Online Spend in U.S. History by Jessica Lee

“Online shopping in the U.S. this holiday season was expected to be big, but many didn’t know just how substantial it would be. Data flooding in from all over shows Cyber Monday was a huge success, with comScore proclaiming it as the day with the heaviest online spend in U.S. history.”