file000844767308This is the first of our new “Roundup” posts, where we’ll track the weekly news in digital marketing from Google to Facebook to groundbreaking marketing tactics and strategies. If you’ve been busy during the week and missed some of the latest news, then we’ll put it here every Friday.




Google says Press Releases should use nofollow links

Google is experimenting with site links that expand out

Owner responses in Google Maps are buggy, no time frame set on a fix

Searches for higher education queries take a jump

Google taking over Starbucks wifi, will make it faster

The best citation sources in Canada and the UK for Local SEO

Study shows how site speed affects SEO

When Google takes freshness too far


Social Media

Twitter announced new “Universal” search results

Facebook launches a new hub for businesses

Pinterest added price drop alerts

Facebook announced embeddable posts

Google dropped Google+ Local mobile app due to low usage


Analytics / Data measurement

Safari fixes analytics reporting bug

Google Analytics laucned an API for real-time analytics data


Advertising / PPC

Google announced responsive ad units for Adsense publishers

FTC Warned 17 other search engines about proper paid ad disclosures