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PR and Advertising Folks: If you are threatened by SEO, you’re doing it wrong

SEO Head of Table

In the last six weeks, WrightIMC has lost several bids for contracts - not because of price, competition or capabilities. We lost because one or more of the influencers or decision makers felt threatened by the services we offer. In the recent cases, it was the public relations - or corporate … [Read more...]

3 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Direct

Instagram DM Screenshot 1

Beyoncé may have stolen Instagram’s new-release thunder with her midnight album release, but let’s face it – they had a good 15 hours of spotlight. It was practically old news by then…  For those wondering what the heck Instagram was thinking with this new update, you can read the official release … [Read more...]

The Giant List of Facebook Graph Search Queries

Facebook graph search icon

Recently Facebook rolled out its awesome Graph Search to all U.S. English speaking users. But, how does the average user use it? There are some helpful posts out there that show the many uses of Graph Search, but none of them are comprehensive. Below I've compiled all of the queries that I've … [Read more...]

How To Reclaim a Verified Listing

It's already been verified

You may have run into a listing that has already been claimed, but no one has a clue what the login is. There are a few issues you may run into – since the listing has already been claimed, no one will be able to claim it, again. Google will give you the following message if you try to: Since … [Read more...]

7 New Features That Prove Facebook is Serious about Increasing Engagement


For those of us who are never far from their personal, company or client Facebook pages, we often notice updates right away. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to miss new features or changes when they come fast and furious. Over the past several months, Facebook has rolled out mini-updates on the … [Read more...]

Facebook is announcing a new Search Engine RIGHT NOW!

Twitter response to Facebook

When the CEO of any company uses ALL CAPS in a subject line – it’s usually a good idea to pay attention. There is no shortage of opinions and reactions to the news from online marketers around the world. But while some people took a couple of hours to formulate their thoughts, our team followed and … [Read more...]

From Around the Bullpen: WIMC’s Response to Facebook’s Pay to Reach Terms

Dallas Mavericks Facebook Page

Basically, Facebook wants brands to make you pay to receive the love from your fans who already, well, like you. So when TechCrunch rolled out its guest post from Robin Grant over at We Are Social last Friday we launched into a company-wide discussion on what the hell is going on. Take a look at … [Read more...]

We Didn’t Start the Fire!

Mean Girls Carleton

When it comes to crazy people there is no question, like Bigfoot, designer snuggies and Channing Tatum’s sex tape, they’re out there. We just hope that we never find them (well, maybe with the exception of the last one). For every social media professional it’s the outreach conundrum: To increase … [Read more...]

What Hockey, My Mother and Bird Crap Have to do with Social Media

Dallas Police Department

I love brands – large and small. And, I love to see how marketers portray brand names in the marketplace – including their gaffs and successes. Like most people, I expect big brands to have the best presentations and marketing ploys. Why? Because, those companies typically have massive budgets and … [Read more...]

What Can We Learn from Colleges Athletics’ Use of Social Media for Recruiting and Marketing?

Watch Your Tweet

Businesses like ours, and the clients we help, are intent on finding the best use of social media tools to win customers and ultimately drive sales. But our dirty little secret is that the average Joe and Jane still think of social media as a way to stalk people and keep up with their friends. Now, … [Read more...]