9 01, 2015

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

The digital marketing space continued to rapidly evolve in 2014 to keep up with more engaged consumers. Mobile marketing soared. Native advertising continued its rocketing rise to dominance. Google released Panda 4.0. Google also introduced another algorithm update, aimed at local search, known as Pigeon. And, the Big Data chant picked up steam.

So, what’s […]

8 08, 2014

Using on-page research for content strategy

Whether you’re building a new site or optimizing an existing one, you should be aware of what your competitors are doing in terms of their websites’ content and optimization.
Because you are competing with them for the same visitors. In the new era of OC/DC, it’s all about content, and how we optimize its distribution […]

4 08, 2014

PR and Advertising Folks: If you are threatened by SEO, you’re doing it wrong

In the last six weeks, WrightIMC has lost several bids for contracts – not because of price, competition or capabilities. We lost because one or more of the influencers or decision makers felt threatened by the services we offer.
In the recent cases, it was the public relations – or corporate communications – team that […]

22 07, 2014

Free SEO Browser Tools and Extensions

I’m always on the lookout for cool tools that make life as an SEO a little easier. There are thousands of browser extensions out there that are pretty handy and some that are, well, not so much. I thought I would share with you some of the free browser extensions that I find useful […]

7 07, 2014

Why Aren’t You Using Call Tracking Already?

I believe that dynamic call tracking is one of the best resources a company can have if the company supports leads over the phone. It can help solve many problems, including provide proper attribution, and it saves companies far more than the minimal monthly fees.

In full disclosure, I receive no rewards or benefits from, […]

24 06, 2014

Re-visiting Panda 4.0

Vice President

It’s been a little more than a month since Google released its Panda 4.0 update. eBay, History.com, and Biography.com are among some of the recognizable websites that were affected by the algorithm change. Some businesses may still be trying to determine if their websites were affected by Panda 4.0. It will be […]

1 05, 2014

Help A Reporter Spam? Is Google Targeting Help a Reporter Out(HARO) Links?

My friend Bill Hartzer has created quite a kerfuffle in the SEO industry over the last couple of days. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Bill has been working with a client after their site received a manual penalty from Google for unnatural links – for the non-SEOs among us, that […]

17 04, 2014

Sh#t My Offshore SEO ‘Guru’ Says

Our CEO, Tony Wright, recently wrote an article titled “Cheap SEO Costs Too Much.” I’ve written similar sentiments before on other sites and in the Future of SEO, where I noted that Internet marketing is only going to get more expensive as companies have to divest themselves of cheap link-building tactics and get back […]

8 04, 2014

Cheap SEO costs too much.

It’s smart to be frugal.
You want the best deal you can get. After all, if you can get something cheaper somewhere else, wouldn’t you? I understand. There’s very few times when I buy a product, either online or in a store, that I don’t look for the best price. I mean, if I’m buying […]

26 03, 2014

Using Google Trends to Predict an Outcome: Dancing with the Stars, March Madness, and Presidential Elections

The Google Trends “explore” function creates a visual representation of search volume, over time, for up to five search terms or phrases. Google Trends is a useful tool for identifying and understanding search term seasonality, coming up with content topics, comparing search volume of a search term or group of related keywords over time, […]