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Sh#t My Offshore SEO ‘Guru’ Says

Linking Technique

Our CEO, Tony Wright, recently wrote an article titled “Cheap SEO Costs Too Much.” I’ve written similar sentiments before on other sites and in the Future of SEO, where I noted that Internet marketing is only going to get more expensive as companies have to divest themselves of cheap link-building … [Read more...]

Cheap SEO costs too much.

Cheap SEO Monkey Is Monkey Business

It’s smart to be frugal. You want the best deal you can get. After all, if you can get something cheaper somewhere else, wouldn’t you? I understand. There’s very few times when I buy a product, either online or in a store, that I don’t look for the best price. I mean, if I’m buying the latest … [Read more...]

Using Google Trends to Predict an Outcome: Dancing with the Stars, March Madness, and Presidential Elections

Google Trends Predictions

The Google Trends “explore” function creates a visual representation of search volume, over time, for up to five search terms or phrases. Google Trends is a useful tool for identifying and understanding search term seasonality, coming up with content topics, comparing search volume of a search term … [Read more...]

Google Updates Part 3: Hummingbird Update


Welcome to our wrap up regarding Google’s menagerie of animal-themed updates. During the past couple of weeks, we’ve dug through the most important and impactful Google algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin. To recap,  Google designed the Panda update to analyze a website’s content and backlink … [Read more...]

Google Updates Pt. 2: Getting to Know the Penguin Algorithm


In our last Google Updates article, “Understanding Panda,” we discussed the Google Panda algorithm update and how it affects websites today. The Panda algorithm seeks out low-quality content on your website and de-values the whole site. If Panda goes after the front end of a website, then the newer, … [Read more...]

Google Updates Pt. 1: Understanding Panda


The Ins and Outs of Surviving and Thriving After You’re Hit Since the early 2000s, Google has been updating and changing its algorithm to better suit their customers’ needs … as well as laugh manically in the background as website owners watched their traffic burst into a ball of flames. Or, so we … [Read more...]

Outrank your Competitors Using Moz’s Tools for Beginners

Outrank your competitors

Moz, formally SEOmoz, has one of the best suites of SEO tools on the market today. Moz’s pro package provides subscribers with an array of SEO tools and applications that make reporting and search engine optimization a breeze … well, at least breezier. In this post I will show how to use Moz’s … [Read more...]

The Future of SEO: “It’s Complicated,” SEO Trends for 2014

1.) The future will be shiny. And it will not build manual links.

I was at an eCommerce meetup this past week with some former colleagues, some of their clients, and some industry neophytes and vendors. As the night wore on, eventually the topic of conversation turned from the various aspects of building the stores and cataloging products, to how to drive more … [Read more...]

Analytics Reporting: The 3 Pet-Peeves

Google Analytics

At the end of every month, WrightIMC goes through its own personal Groundhog Day (the Bill Murray kind), or what we call “reporting week.” Sometimes the interns and coordinators thumb wrestle for the more interesting clients, while refusing to take responsibility for the tougher ones. With … [Read more...]

Google In-Depth Articles: Think Like A Reporter


Shortly after Google announced its In-Depth Articles feature, a reader expressed his frustration about it in a comment. It was clear he wasn’t a fan of this algorithm update that intends to help users find relevant, in-depth content in Google’s main search results. In his … [Read more...]