The Art of Conversation – Social Media

Many companies have heard so much recently about “social media” that they believe it is a panacea for their marketing ills. That is very rarely the case in our experience. However, we find that the proper use of social media provides valuable support to search engine marketing, as well as other aspects of a marketing campaign.

Social media marketing (SMM) involves utilizing social networking and user-generated content platforms to promote a product, service or content. This discipline often involves creating and participating in a dialogue with the target audience. SMM can also include creating and promoting viral content that is meant to be shared by users.

When approached properly, social networks can be extremely effective channels for building product evangelism, reputation management or corporate branding. However, SMM should never be a stand-alone strategy. It should always be an extension of a brand’s overall marketing strategy – a tool to further the brand’s reach among its target audience.

Some of the most common tactics included in a SMM plan include:

Facebook WrightIMC can help you create a strategy that will have your target audience voluntarily interacting with your brand on Facebook.

Creation and optimization of video material Video on the web is very powerful. Companies can create videos that create not only brand awareness, but direct response and even viral distribution. WrightIMC can assist with the creation, execution, syndication and optimization on online video.

Twitter Smart companies are creating brand loyalty, interaction and even direct response through smart Twitter feeds. WrightIMC can help companies create effective, long-term strategies for Twitter and other micro-blogging platforms.

Social Bookmarking Having popular content on sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and StumbleUpon can translate into massive amounts of traffic and leads. WrightIMC has the expertise to harness the power of these sites for your company.

The tactics above are powerful, but as stated earlier, should not be used as stand-alone strategies. WrightIMC can help your company make the most of the tools social media marketing has to offer by acting as a “social media coach.”