Storytelling – Creating Compelling Content and Copy

What is the ultimate point of all the time and money and thought you put into your online presence? To tell your story. It’s a chance to tell the world what makes your company better than the competition. Why should your potential customers choose you?

And, you don’t have much time. You’ve got about 20 seconds from the moment a visitor hits your page to tell your story and persuade them to take action. The story needs to be compelling, quick and actionable in order to keep the visitors from bouncing off to some other site. Your stories can sell your products and services by engaging potential customers – by making them like what you’ve got to say.

Storytelling is one part art, one part science, and one part marketing experience. We have the sum of all of those parts at WrightIMC. We are experts at presenting your company to the right audience with the right message and a compelling call to action. How you ask? Remember all those fancy technology tools we keep talking about all over this website? Well, add to those tools a group of highly creative and technologically astute folks and you’ll be blown away at some of the stories we’ve helped tell. Check out our Case Studies section to see some of our work.