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Our Services

At WrightIMC, we work hard not to be labeled – but it still happens. Some folks think of us as “those search engine guys.” Others see us as reputation management experts. We even have one client that thinks we’re the go-to people for their barbecue eating needs.

So, we’re fine with our reputation as specialists in certain marketing fields – but we’re actually specialists in many marketing fields. That’s why it’s hard to pigeonhole us.

The bottom line – we provide the service that our clients need. We don’t upsell services that aren’t necessary. Just ask our clients. If we don’t think a service will make you money, we won’t do it – no matter how much money it would make for us. After all, we’re in this for the long-haul. We want to work with our clients forever, and recommending unnecessary services is one of the quickest ways to get the boot.

But this wouldn’t be an integrated marketing agency website without the obligatory list of services we provide. So, here you go. Just realize this is a sampling of what we do. (Really, this is only for our friend, the Googlebot. Hi, Mountain View!)

•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Pay Per Click Advertising
•    Brand Reputation Management
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Social Listening
•    Crisis Communications
•    Web Design and Development
•    Analytics Consulting
•    Attribution Management
•    Interactive Media Buying
•    Shopping Feed Management
•    E-mail Marketing
•    Video Production and Optimization
•    Overall Interactive Marketing Consulting

If you’re nice, we can even make a television commercial for you. And barbecue.