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A Simple Formula for Building Authority


We still call links “the currency of the Internet.” Most of our SEO and content marketing tactics are still aimed at earning links back to our website, or our clients’ websites, in order to show an “authority signal” to search engines, so they will rank the sites higher in search results for given … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Comment Spammer: Spun Comment Edition

They Call It Spam But It's Not Delicious?

We moderate the comments that come into our blog. And, we’ll give a followed link to any legitimate commenter. We want the interaction, and we know the link is worth very little to nothing for SEO value, anyway. Yet – despite the fact that we are an SEO agency – we get black hat comment spam daily. … [Read more...]

Create a Cult of Personality for Your Business

Yo Website So Ugly...

There is one thing that small and medium businesses (SMBs) can do to stand out online – if all other online marketing (site structure, search marketing, advertising, social interaction, etc.) is equal to your competitors. SMBs should produce content with a personality, content that has a point of … [Read more...]

Yo Website So Ugly…

Yo website so ugly...

It’s 2013, people, and there are just so many websites that are as ugly as anything put together back in the 1990's. We really try to help you out, but you aren't listening to us. So, we’re going back to an old 90's joke to help you get the point. Your website is just so ugly… Yo website so … [Read more...]

Your Advertising Career Hinges on Your Ability to Empathize

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Put yourself in my shoes, Walk a mile for me. You know, I'll put myself in your shoes, Maybe then we'd see, That if you put yourself in my shoes, You'd have some sympathy. Clint Black should be poet laureate for the marketing industry. He nailed, in 34 words, the sine qua non for all good … [Read more...]

Facebook is announcing a new Search Engine RIGHT NOW!

Twitter response to Facebook

When the CEO of any company uses ALL CAPS in a subject line – it’s usually a good idea to pay attention. There is no shortage of opinions and reactions to the news from online marketers around the world. But while some people took a couple of hours to formulate their thoughts, our team followed and … [Read more...]

The Elevator Pitch, Unique Selling Propositions, and Your Content

What story is your content telling?

Everybody at WrightIMC knows that I abhor the use of the word “content” to describe the information that businesses and marketers use to appeal to customers online. Content is what settles in a box during shipping. It’s a number you put in a field on a spreadsheet. Content takes the soul out of the … [Read more...]

I Want My Wikipedia Back: Or, What the Hell are SOPA and PIPA?

Wikipedia Protests Privacy

So, you’ve noticed that black box over Google’s name on the search engine today, but you haven’t had time to click to find out what’s going down. (Which makes me feel awesome that you’re taking the time to read this!) And, you completely flubbed the trivia question about ambergris (whale barf) … [Read more...]

WrightIMC Changes Name to Reflect Offerings

Tony Wright

WrightIMC announced today that it is changing its name to better reflect the full-scope of services available from the firm. The firm’s new name will be WrightIMC. The name change – actually more an acronym definition change – highlights the firm’s evolution from an “interactive marketing … [Read more...]

Google+ at One Week Old


Today is my seventh day using Google+. That’s not bragging – I didn’t get an invite until two days after it launched. The horror! Seriously, I’m the guy who vowed to abstain from Facebook in perpetuity because of its bad privacy policy and terms of service, as well as the inability to keep my … [Read more...]