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Jenneva’s Extended Presentation of Content and Outreach Strategy


I am not sure how other speakers develop their talks, but I had a list of things I wanted to talk about last week at Pubcon Austin. But, 20 minutes goes by fast, especially when you are required to breathe. So, I wanted to provide the complete version of my presentation on Content and Outreach … [Read more...]

Nine Useful Guides to Guest Blogging

One does not simply just write a guest blog.

Guest blogging: the horrible red-headed stepchild of online marketing. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to start conversations about great content. Yet lots of people don’t like to write, and many more don’t even know how. One of society’s most common problems consist of not knowing the … [Read more...]

Yo Website So Ugly…

Yo website so ugly...

It’s 2013, people, and there are just so many websites that are as ugly as anything put together back in the 1990's. We really try to help you out, but you aren't listening to us. So, we’re going back to an old 90's joke to help you get the point. Your website is just so ugly… Yo website so … [Read more...]

What Michael Scott AND WrightIMC Have Taught Me

Michael and Holly

It’s Valentine’s Day! We all know the greatest love story of ALL TIME is Michael and Holly from NBC’s, The Office. When Michael Scott finally met his perfect match (Holly, not Jan) I couldn't have been happier for him (except I hated him at the same time for leaving Dunder Mifflin).  Although … [Read more...]

5 Common Web Design Mistakes – And Better Options


Most people have a general sense of what does and doesn’t look good or what works and doesn’t work. People who are paid to design and build websites should have a really good idea of what will appeal to people. So, why do we continue to make some of the biggest design sins? Modern websites or … [Read more...]

Your Advertising Career Hinges on Your Ability to Empathize

Walk a mile in my shoes.

Put yourself in my shoes, Walk a mile for me. You know, I'll put myself in your shoes, Maybe then we'd see, That if you put yourself in my shoes, You'd have some sympathy. Clint Black should be poet laureate for the marketing industry. He nailed, in 34 words, the sine qua non for all good … [Read more...]