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Interview with Affiliate Marketing Expert, Josh Ewin – ASE12

Josh Erwin

While attending Affiliate Summit East 2012, I met Josh Ewin, the Director of Marketing for FortressITX. He’s been in the marketing industry since 1996 and has written for several industry magazines including Website Magazine and Ping!Zine. Since Josh is an expert in the affiliate marketing industry, … [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips on Enhancing Your Web Analytics


Many people may look at Web Analytics and think “Oh, so boring.” But it was a packed house at the DFWSEM’s August meeting.  The truth is, web analytics is the key in determining ROI and gauging your marketing efforts. So for a room filled with online marketing professionals, we were on the edge of … [Read more...]

Social Media is Like Sex – ASE Live-Blog

ASE Social Media Is Like Sex Panel

Social media is a lot like sex. If you want a meaningful relationship out of it, you don’t ask for it before introducing yourself. If you want more than a one night stand, you have to work for it if. If you want it on a regular basis, you have to put in the time and the effort. Yep, social media is … [Read more...]

The Elevator Pitch, Unique Selling Propositions, and Your Content

What story is your content telling?

Everybody at WrightIMC knows that I abhor the use of the word “content” to describe the information that businesses and marketers use to appeal to customers online. Content is what settles in a box during shipping. It’s a number you put in a field on a spreadsheet. Content takes the soul out of the … [Read more...]