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Online Marketing: More Than Just Banner Ads

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

Did you know that every second, 105 people look up the term “SEO” on Google? If this is true and if this number is growing, why is online marketing largely associated with banner ads? It fascinates me because I never heard any mention, not even once, of this SEO phenomenon throughout my four-year … [Read more...]

Want to Insure Your Advertising? – WrightIMC Offers New Campaign Insurance Against Campaign Failure

Times are hard. The economy is uncertain. It’s come to our attention that people want security. Especially those in charge of advertising and marketing budgets. Minimizing the perception of risk seems to have become an essential job function for most major marketing departments. We want to make it … [Read more...]

Direct & Immediate Effects of Author Rank Part 2


This part two of our three of our series on Google's Author Rank. To recap what we've already discussed: Author Rank is Google's way of qualifying a writer's authority on a topic. Google’s Panda = site quality. Author Rank = author quality. Google will judge your online reputation by the … [Read more...]

Google Author Rank: Part 1, Measuring Influence


Google’s Author Rank is exactly what it sounds like: Google’s algorithmic rank of a particular author’s authority. Author Rank essentially enables online authors to become more visible, and at the same time, use their identity as a factor for ranking pages and sites. The Panda update pushed out … [Read more...]

What Jersey Shore Can Teach SEOs About Outreach

What's the Situation?

There are people out there who believe Jersey Shore is the biggest waste of airtime since Fox started airing reruns of M*A*S*H (Seriously, who is still watching that show?). I’d argue, however, there are some valuable lessons SEOs can learn about outreach from the mistakes and philosophies of the … [Read more...]

‘Hacking’ Search Rankings with PPC


Getting to the top of the Google search results is a tough task. Depending on the term, it can take months of building relationships, creating content, and writing to get the ranking you want. When you start an SEO campaign, your rankings likely aren’t as great as you’d like. But thanks to Google’s … [Read more...]

What Does Google AuthorRank Mean for SEO’ers?


We’re Going Back to High School – Where Your Reputation Matters Yep, Google has yet another update and it certainly won’t be the last. Google AuthorRank is sure to make a huge impact on how we and our clients rank in the SERPs. AuthorRank and SEO It’s Google’s job to point out the most … [Read more...]