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We Didn’t Start the Fire!

Mean Girls Carleton

When it comes to crazy people there is no question, like Bigfoot, designer snuggies and Channing Tatum’s sex tape, they’re out there. We just hope that we never find them (well, maybe with the exception of the last one). For every social media professional it’s the outreach conundrum: To increase … [Read more...]

SEO – The Lord of the Rings Edition


Search Engine Optimization still seems to be a mystery to most people – even web-savvy people – even though we’re 15-ish years into it. In my short time in the field, I’ve come up with 2 analogies that I believe can give a better perspective on SEO for newbs. 1.       The Wizard … [Read more...]

Why You Should Follow Google Guidelines Even If It Means Lower Rankings (Initially)


As a business owner you might have noticed that Google has been coming up with new updates to its algorithm more and more frequently.  Those updates are implemented to cut down on spam and reduce manipulative techniques that have, for years, been used to rank high in Google’s SERPs.  If you’ve been … [Read more...]

What Hockey, My Mother and Bird Crap Have to do with Social Media

Dallas Police Department

I love brands – large and small. And, I love to see how marketers portray brand names in the marketplace – including their gaffs and successes. Like most people, I expect big brands to have the best presentations and marketing ploys. Why? Because, those companies typically have massive budgets and … [Read more...]

Did Matt Cutts Put out the Bat Signal? – Why WrightIMC won’t be “outing” anyone

What Matt Cutts has for dinner

WrightIMC will not be participating in the “outing” of SEOs for violating Google’s terms of service. There a couple of exceptions. We will out those that practice negative SEO that affects our friends or clients. We will out agencies that violate the rules without warning their clients of the … [Read more...]

The Rebecca Black Dilemma: Which Blog Can I Take?


Google loves to make our jobs harder. First Panda and now Penguin, both have made gaining links an almost perilous endeavor. Many of the most popular tools to gauge effectiveness and growth of SEO metrics have yet to catch up to Google's increased pace of changes. We now live and work in a world … [Read more...]