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What Can We Learn from Colleges Athletics’ Use of Social Media for Recruiting and Marketing?

Watch Your Tweet

Businesses like ours, and the clients we help, are intent on finding the best use of social media tools to win customers and ultimately drive sales. But our dirty little secret is that the average Joe and Jane still think of social media as a way to stalk people and keep up with their friends. Now, … [Read more...]

Measuring Social Media ROI with Google Analytics

Site Usage

Approaching a social media plan is akin to driving up to the Las Vegas Strip – lots of glamour, tons of opportunities, all the flashy lights. And, most business people believe social media is a money pit – like Vegas. Sure, you have a lot of fun spending it, but there’s always less in your pocket … [Read more...]

92 Searches That Trigger Search Plus Your World

update: these are searches for logged out users that show the SPYW highlight box on the right hand side. Google+ users logged in will see shared content from their circles on Google+ in the SERPs for longtail terms but not the highlight box. It's been a little over a month since Google launched … [Read more...]

We Review Lucky Orange: A CRO Tool We Love

Luck Orange Recordings

This blog post was written by Joe Denton and Jenneva Vargas. There are a number of tools available that track conversion rates, bounce rates, and other conversion rate optimization (CRO) metrics – but Lucky Orange stands out from the others. What makes this tool great is its depth of data … [Read more...]

Time-Lapse Videos of TEDxSMU’s Commissioned Ice Sculpture Art Installation

Hundreds of people attending the TEDxSMU Disruption conference on Dec. 3, 2011, turned their attention to the artistic installation of an ice sculpture garden outside the Wyly Theatre in Dallas. TEDxSMU commissioned award-winning Dallas artist, Shane Pennington, to create the art he named … [Read more...]

Pairing Aesthetics with Statistics for Powerful Results

Missing Gene

This blog post is dedicated to every math and science teacher whose classes I never took seriously. I owe you all my sincerest apologies for not heeding your warnings when you told me, “You’ll use this someday!” I was the kid in high school who doodled through math class, paying attention only … [Read more...]

How to Integrate Hubspot and Gravity Forms in WordPress


UPDATE 3/26/12 Hubspot has just released an easier way to integrate Gravity Forms with Wordpress. Click here for more details. Google has always been my best friend when it comes to development woes, but in this scenario, I was treading unknown grounds. Keyword upon keyword, I found little … [Read more...]

The Power of Imagery in Building Your Brand

McDonalds Speedee Logo

When it Comes to Branding, Images Just Work Kids who haven’t learned to read know to expect a 4-piece chicken nugget dinner when they see a bright yellow “M” on a cherry red background. Anyone who’s ever seen a computer knows what it means when they see the silhouette of an apple with a single leaf … [Read more...]