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This is Not a Humble-Brag, This is Just a Brag


In the next couple of weeks, blogs worldwide will be rife with posts recounting the year that was 2011. You’ll see top 10 lists, recollections of world events, and recaps of personal achievements. You’ll also see goals for the new year – bright, shiny and full of hope. It’s a great time for all of … [Read more...]

WrightIMC Experiences TEDxKIDS Part 2

Fonderie 47 Founders

Peter Thum “You can turn your dreams into reality. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, your dream is out there.” We keep the speaker coverage moving with Peter Thum. He begins by building on the epiphany theme. When he was younger, he thought he would be a doctor after his father … [Read more...]

WrightIMC Experiences TEDxKIDS Part 1

TEDxKids Speakers and Host

Just sitting in the Wyly Theater watching the behind the scenes work of TEDxSMU Kids is exciting enough. But the theater hasn’t sold out just for the purpose of being here. As if sponges drawn to water, attendees have gathered to soak up knowledge and participate in this exclusive … [Read more...]