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The State of Search with Google and Bing


In the final meeting of DFWSEM, representatives from both Google and Bing present tonight on the state of search.  But first, a quick introduction by Mark Barrera. The Future is Now Five points that search marketers need to target today: Mobile Personalization Social Local … [Read more...]

Avoiding Digital Roadblocks

2008 Social Landscape

Let’s go back….way back, to the dark ages of 2008 – well maybe that's an exaggeration. Three years ago, what did the online marketing landscape look like? Myspace was the dominating authority. Windows Live was a massive area but much like Siberia, it was virtually a no man's land. If you look … [Read more...]

Do This Now: Words of Wisdom From Tony Wright


"It’s more than a plan, it’s a philosophy." Entering the online marketing world is overwhelming. You may fell nauseous at first, as if someone spun you around 10 times and then told you to walk straight. Thankfully it's not an impossible task. Tony Wright, CEO of WrightIMC, has been there. After … [Read more...]

Top 10 Facebook Tips: For Building Brand Marketing and Engaging Content


Facebook is important, it’s huge. We get it. But are we only fooling ourselves? Facebook marketing requires a strategy to reach out to people that matter to your brand the most. You know your business best, a consultant can only take you so far. So whether you keep your social media strategy in … [Read more...]

The Video-SEO Connection With William Leake and Scott Polk

2011 Video SEO and Other Online Promotional Strategies for YouTube and Beyond By: William Leake (@marketing_bill) Apogee Results How are online videos found? Did you know? - 44% of people discover videos randomly in random search? Universal Search: Dominated by Video – 38% of users who … [Read more...]

Proactive Reputation Management

PubCon Logo

"If I tell my Facebook friends about your brands, it is because I like my friends – not because I like your brand.” – Mike Arauz, Undercurrent. That is the gist of what people are doing with your brand in online communities. So what are you doing about it? Why do people complain online? The … [Read more...]

Are You On the SEO Diet?

Are you “Fit to be Found?” Joe Laratro, President of Tandem Interactive wants to make sure. He has developed what he calls as the SEO Diet. And let’s just say, at first glance it can have you sweating. SEO is a long term process. There are some aspects that can be fixed but overall it’s a … [Read more...]

Create and Optimize PPC campaigns for SMBs

Tim Mayer, Chief Strategy Officer of Trada has an extensive background in paid search, SEO and natural search with Yahoo, lnktomi, and Overture. His experience with these companies have given him the insight to develop solutions for small businesses who want successful paid search campaigns. What … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Brand’s Reputation?

“Reputation management is one of the hottest topics in online marketing. Protect your reputation and brand online with the right strategies in SEO, PR, PPC and social media. Reputation management issues will be harder to manage as time goes on, so if you haven’t already had a problem in this area – … [Read more...]

Active Link Building Process: Prospecting – Finding Links (Part 1)


This is the first post of our Active Link Building Series. It will mainly focus on non-paid tools that you can use to start your link building process. Foreword I’m assuming you’ve already conducted your extensively-awesome keyword research that contains all of the keywords you want to rank for … [Read more...]