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Google Analytics: How to Export All Keywords to CSV File


If you’re using Google Analytics, it is likely that you already understand the power of knowing the keywords that brought visitors to your site. Keyword research is a powerful tool, and getting all of your keywords into a CSV file for easy reading is critical. The new version of Google Analytics … [Read more...]

Ford Chronicles: Weren’t You Hanging On My Wall?


Luke Phillips', Social Media Evolution: Or How I Traveled  America Using Ford's Credit Card blog series about his' Ford journey ends with meeting a legend. If you missed the first parts of the journey, follow the links and we'll be waiting for you when you get back! Part 1 Part 2 Part … [Read more...]

Ponds that Aren’t Ponds and Other Rodeos


Social Media Intern Luke Phillips has given us the behind the scenes look at his Ford sponsored trip to Minnesota of all the happenings that were left on the cutting room floor. Today we're bringing your Part 3 of the 4 Part series. If you missed them, the trailer can be viewed here, and the … [Read more...]

Still Using Fords Credit Card


The second part of a four part series, Luke Phillips continues with his chronicles of the Ford adventure.  Here is Part One if you've missed it.   From Snow to Snow:   The night before we were set to begin filming, St. Louis was dumped with five inches of snow. The snow allowed … [Read more...]

The Social Media Evolution: Or How I Traveled America Using Ford’s Credit Card


Our blog is intended to keep a pulse on all things interactive marketing. Fortuitously for us, in March, our social media intern Luke Phillips had his concept for a Ford Explorer roadtrip chosen through a Ford Facebook contest. His reward was having the road trip filmed as part of a series of … [Read more...]

What is the Social Media Graveyard?


Social media is seen by many as a fool-proof method for growing your business. A company facing stagnant growth will look at Facebook as a money tree sapling.  Where this notion has come from, well, I’m not exactly sure. Social network sites are littered with abandoned company profiles like … [Read more...]

Meet Lan Nguyen: Web Developer


Thanks for taking the time to meet our team, Lan Nguyen is wrapping up our biographies. From here we will be giving you our take on interactive marketing happenings, new trends, and the occasional BBQ recipe if you're lucky.   Lan Nguyen - Web Developer I began working with … [Read more...]